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We host 3 "Innovation Sprints" per semester, which are engaging challenges that empower students to utilize the design thinking process to solve challenges, and create new ideas. These challenges focus on making WM a more sustainable campus and community. We also hold several guest speaker events that allow students to understand design thinking in the real world.

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Meet Our Past Clients

“Tribe Innovation connected us to industry experts that we didn’t have access to before. Their workshop provided invaluable insights and helped us build the right product.”

- Asher Smith-Rose, CEO

"Participants of this workshop were able to generate ideas that they wouldn't have on their own ... it was a great success"

- Zhuowei Huang, Event Director

"We hope to make the workshop a mandatory event ... everyone who participated was much more prepared for their advising sessions"

- Zoe Connor, Director 


“Not only was the workshop effective, but it was a blast. The applicants all left with smiles on their faces, dozens of new ideas, and new friendships formed in the welcome environment T.I. created. The workshop was a complete success, and we are excited to make this an annual event for our Fulbright applicants!”

- Brandon Posner, Advisor 


“The session instantly broke any odd tension in the room, and stimulated a mix of cooperation and creativity that was well needed. I was very thankful for the help that Ange was able to provide in leading the session. Her knowledge and charisma were a breath of fresh air.”



After hearing about the challenges and overwhelming factors of International Student Orientation, Tribe Innovation reached out to the Reves Center to help with improving the engagement of the Orientation and international students’ need for forming new friendships.

W&m Reves Center

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Tribe Innovation conducted a workshop to teach the skills of Design Thinking to MBA students. Students were challenged to think outside the box and think of a unique solution to the issue of networking difficulties.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship club

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Brothers and Tribe Innovation utilized design methodologies and mindsets to brainstorm career options directly based on their strengths, what they love to do, and what problems they see in the world that they want to fix.

Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity


Stemming from the issue of confidentiality, the Haven noted that it was hard to identify where they need to improve because the people using their services are often not in an emotional or mental place of wanting to provide feedback. Tribe Innovation helped in improving that system.

The Haven